Innovative 'Smart Sleever' automates packing of potted plants

Sleeving becomes child's play for Vilosa after successful introduction of the Bosman Van Zaal Smart Sleever Aalsmeer, Netherlands (February 6, 2024) – A revolution is blooming in the greenhouse! Bosman Van Zaal's robotic experts have unveiled the "Smart Sleever," a groundbreaking robot that automates the sleeving of potted plants with unrivalled integration capabilities and control.

Innovative 'Smart Sleever' automates packing of potted plants

In horticulture, volumes are increasing, but batch sizes are decreasing. It is precisely the small batches that are difficult to automate, so this is still mostly done manually. This makes small batches particularly costly. The Smart Sleever solves these concerns by placing plants seamlessly and carefully in protective sleeves. Above all, the Smart Sleever is compact; easier to integrate and inexpensive.

More than just automation: versatility reigns supreme

The Smart Sleever isn't just about replacing hands with machines. Its intelligent design caters to the diverse needs of growers:

  • Material maestro: Less sensitive to sleeve specifications and handles both paper and plastic sleeves, offering flexibility based on specific requirements.

  • Small batch specialist: Efficient building block in small-order processing lines.

  • Integration ninja: Seamlessly blends into existing packing lines, minimising disruption, and maximising ease of use.

  • Gentle and compact: Handles even delicate plants with care, preventing damage and ensuring product quality.

Building on a legacy of innovation

Bosman Van Zaal boasts a proven track record in automated sleeving since the year 2000 with their Pot Plant Sleever, beloved by growers worldwide. With a remarkable sleeving speed and very suitable for large batch volumes. The Smart Sleever is especially interesting for smaller batches or lower volumes.

The future of potted plant packaging is here

The Smart Sleever is poised to transform the industry, offering growers more efficiency, lower labour costs and improved product presentation. Experience the Smart Sleever with your own eyes! Sign up for a live demonstration at Vilosa, a highly innovative potted plant nursery, via Bosman Van Zaal's website:

About Vilosa:

Vilosa, located in 's-Gravenzande, the Netherlands, among other locations, fosters innovation and collaboration within the Dutch pot plant industry. Their nurseries and expertise provide the perfect environment for testing and showcasing the Smart Sleever's capabilities. Learn more about Vilosa on their website: