Innovative solar thermal energy technology revolutionises cultivation in Latin America and Central and East Africa

16 November 2023 - Bosman Van Zaal, a leading player in integrated solutions for international horticulture, proudly introduces its solar thermal energy system. This innovative system provides a sustainable and cost-effective solution for heating greenhouses in regions such as Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, in short: equatorial high plains.

Innovative solar thermal energy technology revolutionises cultivation in Latin America and Central and East Africa

Why solar thermal energy

In large-scale fruit and vegetable cultivation in Mexico, heating is ubiquitous, and the understanding of its value is evident; it saves on gas. However, in flower cultivation in Ecuador, Colombia and East Africa, solar energy has not been fully embraced. The added value here lies not only in cost savings but also in optimising the cultivation climate. Solar energy improves crop yield and quality while preventing ideal conditions for mold diseases, such as Botrytis, often caused by the phenomenon of "wetting".

The BVZ solar thermal energy system

Developed with over 20 years of experience, Bosman Van Zaal's system has successfully been implemented at over 15 projects worldwide, covering a total collector area of 75,000 m². It includes solar collectors, insulated containers, heat storage in a buffer tank, and efficient water routing. All of this is installed and adjusted on-site, with the possibility of an adjustable, movable installation for optimal exposure to sunlight.

Proven success stories

Bosman Van Zaal has successfully implemented the solar energy system at renowned companies worldwide, including Green Crisp Farming in Namibia, LVG Plants in South Africa, Maranque Plants in Ethiopia, and Holland Orchids in Guatemala. One notable project involved collaborating with Holland Orchids in Guatemala, where the system reduced annual diesel consumption by 370,000 litters, with a payback period of just 3 to 4 years.

Bosman Van Zaal

With over 100 years of experience in the international horticulture sector, Bosman Van Zaal provides not only advanced technology but also a holistic approach to the development and implementation of sustainable cultivation solutions.

For more information about solar thermal energy, download the whitepaper here.